Johannes Michelsen
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Johannes Michelsen
Turning a Woodhat on a Lathe Girls Wearing Hats A Dog Named Java Manchseter Vermont Landscape
Welcome to my website, home of the incredible woodhat.
I am JoHannes Michelsen creator of these marvels of wood turning, and I would like to share with you the things that make these hats so amazing.
 The original concept came to me in early 1980, it took 10 years of mulling it over in my head before I made the first hat and put it on my head. Hat #1 was made for the occasion of Albert and Tina Lecoffs wedding in 1990. So well received they were a powerful force that took over my artistic output, I have since made almost nothing but hats. Over the years I have developed many devices and techniques to ever improve the art form all of which I share freely and fully at my demonstrations and workshops.

Every important collection of turned wood in the country includes at least one woodhat. Most collectors appreciate their hats purely as sculpture, while some collectors choose to wear theirs as well. Whether you choose to wear your hat or not, you will thoroughly enjoy it. If you decide on a custom fit you will have the benefit of a guaranteed fit, if our first effort doesn’t fit we will do it again till you are completely satisfied. Full sized or mini hat these sculptures have a place in every collection big or small get one for yours today. 

Call email, snail mail or fax today with your order.

Please enjoy looking at the rest of my site, my son Thatcher and his bud Jeff built it for me and we are all quite proud of it. Any feedback or comments would be appreciated.

You should be sporting a “woody” too !

Wear WOOD It Does You GOOD !

PO Box 562 Manchester Center Vermont 05255 802-362-3481